Posts made in November, 2017

Push “Random Play” On Your Career

I am a huge fan of music. Some of my earliest and fondest memories include my mom singing in the front seat of the car, as my brother and I sat in the back (without seatbelts, and yet we live). Journey, Fleetwood Mac, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road from Elton John and so much more… Great memories. It is rare that a day passes where I am not listening to music while working in my office. The fact is I find that listening to music while working increases my productivity. Don’t really want to know the reason, I just accept it and enjoy. And I dare you to challenge me to music trivia! It’s hard to explain the experience of hearing a song for the first time. It’s like a breath of...

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Brand yourself … or be branded

The adage “first impressions matter” has never been truer. For better or worse in today’s digital-driven business environment you have less than 6 seconds to brand yourself. This often involves utilizing your online presence, which you should consider your virtual front door. Your “front door” better be clean, accessible, inviting and most of all it should accurately reflect who you are. But even more importantly, in many instances, it should accurately reflect who you REPRESENT! Many of the individuals that I speak with are heads of organizations that represent influential industries. They are responsible for providing the “voice” for numerous businesses, brands, and...

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