Create an identity that mirrors your philosophy.

Whether personal or business related, brand development is your connection to your audience.

Who are you trying to reach?
What are you trying to say?
What are the tools available to say it?
Where is the right place to say it?

Engaged by Drydene, a producer of high-quality oils and lubricants, I managed a multi-layered social sports marketing program centered around entry into motorsports sponsorship.

Starting with the creation of new social platforms on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, I planned and executed a robust social media calendar that covered 10 months, multiple races a week, drivers in two different racing series, as well as hiring and managing additional staff.

This program featured engaging and relevant social content utilizing graphics, text, video capture, editing with at-track visual storytelling.

Also included was coordination with multiple sports properties that were part of Drydene’s overall motorsports marketing platform — multiple racetracks on the NASCAR circuit, radio partners, as well as the World of Outlaws and ARCA racing series sanctioning bodies.


Measurable brand lift and above average industry engagement across all social platforms, as well as an active and enthusiastic fan base.

Don Smyle is “the ultimate professional” with a 360-degree grasp on marketing, brand development, and corporate image. And he exudes leadership with a positive attitude.

Michael White

Director, Business Development