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Brand Development

Whether personal or business-related,
brand development is the connection to your audience.

Brand Building

What does that mean?

From the Smyle Media perspective, it means creating an identity that spans all media. Social, digital, video – all elements that are utilized to tell your story. It doesn’t matter if you are a Fortune 100 company or an individual athlete, the same processes and principles apply.

When someone sees your content, they know it’s you!

Jason Alder

Case Study
Our latest efforts center around Jason Alder, the 2019 INEX Legends Series Semi-Pro national champion. His entire brand development process is the epitome of this methodology, utilizing social media, digital, and video to promote his racing efforts.


Understanding Jason, his personality, his racing, the central aspects of his “brand” and what and who he is was the foundation of the “IamJasonAlder” campaign. Used across his social platforms – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – we were able to build a true-life connection between Jason and his fans.

Cohesive Strategy

This was not only the overriding thematic associated with the video and graphic elements of his storytelling but #IamJasonAlder applied to his entire social presence. A cohesive strategy that reaffirms, when you see it, hear it, read it, you know who it is.

And this is only the beginning. Brand strategy is just that, a strategy.

As with all successful strategies, you adjust and modify as you move forward.

Are you looking to rise above the crowd? Let’s discuss your opportunity. Your brand!

“What and who he is was the foundation of the ‘IamJasonAlder’ campaign.”

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