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Asking the key questions is where it begins. What are we trying to achieve? Who do you need to be speaking to?

Value Statement

Do you know yours?

We analyze and understand the core competency of you, your brand: What sets you apart? What makes your program unique?

We identify the tools and resources available to achieve the result.

We recommend actionable benchmarks to achieve your goal.

This is where Smyle Media excels!


Case Study

We worked with this consumer product company to develop both short- and long-term growth strategies, focused on two key areas: brand awareness and new product development.

Brand Awareness

Created and executed a robust social marketing program across several channels including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, resulting in significant brand awareness and additional sales. This included the creation of industry-specific graphic elements as well as video capture and editing.

New Products

By analyzing existing products and the production life cycles, we identified an opportunity to create new merchandise options at a lower price point and quicker production life cycle. We worked with the client to identify, produce, and bring to market new products which resulted in additional revenue streams to both new and existing distribution partners.

Smyle helps create authentic opportunities for you and your partners!

“We worked with the client to identify, produce, and bring to market new products.”

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