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Jason Alder

Case Study
Our latest efforts center around Jason Alder, the 2019 INEX Legends Series Semi-Pro national champion. His entire brand development process is the epitome of this methodology, utilizing social media, digital, and video to promote his racing efforts.


Understanding Jason, his personality, his racing, the central aspects of his “brand” and what and who he is was the foundation of the “IamJasonAlder” campaign. Used across his social platforms – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – we were able to build a true-life connection between Jason and his fans.

Cohesive Strategy

This was not only the overriding thematic associated with the video and graphic elements of his storytelling but #IamJasonAlder applied to his entire social presence. A cohesive strategy that reaffirms, when you see it, hear it, read it, you know who it is.

And this is only the beginning. Brand strategy is just that, a strategy.

As with all successful strategies, you adjust and modify as you move forward.

Are you looking to rise above the crowd. Let’s discuss your opportunity. Your brand!

Don always demonstrated above-average analytical skills through his knowledge of marketing and business analysis tools and was able to make solid recommendations that resulted in actionable plans.

Kay Ramsey

Business Development Manager, Vallen


Case Study
Engaged by this producer of high-quality oils and lubricants, we managed a complex and multi-layered social sports marketing program centered around their entry into motorsport sponsorship.

Social Media

Starting with the creation of new social platforms on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, we planned and executed a robust social calendar across 10 months – multiple races each week with two drivers in different racing series – as well as the hiring and management of additional staff.

Multi-Series Coordination

This program also included ongoing coordination with multiple sports properties that were part of their overall motorsports marketing platform, including multiple racetracks under the NASCAR, ARCA, and World of Outlaws sanctioning bodies plus radio partners.
This program included planning and execution of engaging and relevant social content utilizing graphics, writing, video capture, editing, and at-track content capture and visual storytelling.


Measurable brand lift and above-average industry engagement across all social platforms.

An active and enthusiastic fan base across three national racing series.

Don Smyle has been a huge part of our program for just under a year now and the amount of knowledge and growth he has been able to give up is phenomenal. We have some very high expectations for the program and he aligns with them perfectly. Don uses his experience and integrity to strategically plan and execute with a new way of thinking with the social media generation of today. We all look forward to working with Don for years to come.

George Hammel

Paraplegic • Professional Off-Road Racer • Motivational Speaker


Case Study

We worked with this consumer product company to develop both short- and long-term growth strategies, focused on two key areas: brand awareness and new product development.

Brand Awareness

Created and executed a robust social marketing program across several channels including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, resulting in significant brand awareness and additional sales. This included the creation of industry-specific graphic elements as well as video capture and editing.

New Products

By analyzing existing products and the production life cycles, we identified an opportunity to create new merchandise options at a lower price point and quicker production life cycle. We worked with the client to identify, produce, and bring to market new products which resulted in additional revenue streams to both new and existing distribution partners.

Smyle helps create authentic opportunities for you and your partners!

Don Smyle is “the ultimate professional” with a 360-degree grasp on marketing, brand development, and corporate image. And he exudes leadership with a positive attitude.

Michael White

Director, Business Development

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