I have been involved in motorsports long enough that I have seen the before, and the after. When I began my career today’s brand of social media did not exist. However, it did exist, albeit in a different form. It wasn’t a digital platform, it was a human interaction. True, in person face to face activation. The result was tangible influence in the consumer space.

Now that social media has become such a significant societal norm, motorsports included, the “social” part seems to be missing. In many cases, social media has become a crutch and a deterrent to success in a marketing platform.

In my opinion, social media today is often not a social endeavor, it is a singular endeavor. Yes, you can reach significant numbers of people and fans at one time, creating a massive social “awareness”. However, that interaction is still happening on a singular level. It needs another component.

Working with client Drydene, I am proud that we have applied the human element to our social platform. This includes a significant ACTIVATION component. Working together, we created “Team Drydene.” It may seem insignificant; however this simple element was a way to enable employees, customers and fans alike to all be part of the program. The application of both social awareness and traditional activation has been the key to success.

This starts at the top with an enthusiastic and engaged corporate office. And this enthusiasm then flows down to include employee team building, facility and location tours with Team Drydene drivers, employee at track activation, customer contests and interaction, fan giveaways, and much more.

This program and the amplification it has created in such a short-period of time could not have been realized by simply creating social posts. A robust activation program working in tandem with your social platform creates a sense of commonality, the support of a “team”. With shared enthusiasm comes a greater ability to influence both fans and consumers. Internal and external application and activation of the motorsports program on multiple levels, and with a creative and executable strategy creates the best possible opportunity for success.