Many people in charge of a company or brand believe they have a keen understanding of who they are and the identity that sets their brand apart. The natural closeness and familiarity with their product or service provide the basis for this belief.

However as I have seen first hand, this closeness can actually be the deterrent to a successful perspective. You see the brand or platform through YOUR prism, not that of your clients or consumers. Objectivity is generally lacking from a first-person perspective.

I experienced this very thing with a client I began working with recently. After building their identity around their perspective for years, they believed the message conveyed to consumers was the truest representation of their brand. To see if they were right, I began to place that belief structure on a whiteboard.

A very intense ideation session ensued. It was clear from the start that my perspective of their brand identity was vastly different from theirs. This isn’t to suggest they were wrong, but simply to show how sometimes the view is obscured, much like the “Forrest for The Trees” analogy.

The greatest opportunity for success for your business or brand is to understand and maximize your marketing strategy from the CONSUMERS perspective. Often a simple outside view can shed a whole new light on potential opportunity or strategies. Allowing yourself to first believe that another such perspective exists and could be useful is a large step. It requires an open mind and the willingness to believe that you don’t have all the answers.

At the end of that client session it was clear that while the overall “voice” of the company was solid, it lacked a true conveyance of their position and advantages over the competition. Not only did it provide a new direction related to marketing strategy, but provided a significant improvement in their value proposition and bargaining position with potential clients.

So while standing in the forest often provides the most beautiful perspective, it often lacks the light necessary for growth. Let Smyle Media & Marketing offer a fresh perspective.